To lay someone bare is to strip or expose some sort of truth in them. The truth, in the case of my current work, is the various raw emotions that go through us when we are completely stripped of our defenses and exposed. Through a series of paintings and drawings, I am attempting to capture these emotions and make the viewer both feel the discomfort of the figure as well as assert power over them. I do this by using perspective, transparency and color as a vehicle to express emotional angst and vulnerability.

I use very thin watercolor and alkyd paints both to hold on to the luminosity of the surface and to also allow the paint to puddle in tiered shapes and gradients. Delicate bursts of fluorescent and pastel shades are layered beneath blacks and grays on papers with various opacities and texture. I use primarily synthetic papers (Polypropylene and polyester films) that do not absorb the media but rather allows it to dry in layers atop the page. The transparency and texture of this surface allows the figure to be turned over and manipulated.

The viewer is given a dominant perspective over the figures. While using the intimately personal space of a bed, she is looked at from above by the viewer. Naked and vulnerable, these figures, in my image are shown in various states of emotion when being exposed. Each piece to evokes some sort of vulnerability manifested as excitement, fear, humiliation or anticipation as you enter her space, welcomed or not.

draw, often and alway